Chairs of North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Topic: Enhancing and re-developing the defensive strategy and a sufficient response to the recent tensions caused by the Russian state.

Dear Delegates,
We are pleased to introduce you to the North Atlantic Council, developing a response to the rapidly changing instability situation in NATO’s eastern flank countries.

NATO, established on shared values of individual liberty, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, was originally formed as a defensive alliance against the Soviet Union. Over time, NATO has had to redefine its role in a rapidly evolving world order, particularly in the post-Cold War era. This period brought into question NATO’s identity and purpose in a world that seemed to have moved beyond the bipolar power dynamics of the Cold War. However, a large-scale invasion in Ukraine has been a milestone and seems to have switched the status quo, bringing back the Cold war scheme.

During the committee sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to improve the current NATO Strategic Concept adopted at the Madrid Summit 2022, adhering to the most recent tensions and instabilities posed in particular by the Russian state.

Chair Mateusz and Wiktor, a true history admirers, are pleased to lead you through the paths of international security-related affairs. With one of them being security guarantees - despite having a blank outcome of the negotiations at the 2023 Vilnius NATO Summit, your Chairboard safely guarantees you the utmost sophisticated debates in terms of present European security.