Chairs of United Nation's Children's Fund

Topic: Re-examining the ‘sex education’ programmes as a part of an effective learning process for youth

As for The United Nations Children's Fund, one of its priority goals is to ensure that all children and youth are provided with equal access to rights, health care, education, and information resources. Thus, this year the Committee will face the relevant, yet a controversial topic of: „Re-examining the ‘sex education’ programmes as a part of an effective learning process for youth”.

The matter of inclusion or modification of sex education for young people seems to be a moot point in many areas. The studies conducted by the Public Library of Science show a clear correlation: more comprehensive sex education results in students feeling more informed, thus making safer choices and having healthier outcomes. It means less unplanned pregnancies and more protection against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Yet, some groups may argue that adherents of sex education incite sex, undermine the institution of marriage, or replace the role of parents. Given the prevailing opinion of society - or not - national governments decide to take different measures. In some countries, specific gaps are found - like in teachers competence, medicine accuracy, completeness. In some, however, such education does not exist at all. How to come to order, delegates will decide. 

You cannot be missed in our Committee! 

Your Chairs,

Hanna Olech and Nel Tarczyńska