Chairs of Human Rights Council

Topic: Solving the issue of violating Human Rights within conversion therapies

Due to the fact that the Human Rights Council allows Delegates to discuss the issues regarding the Human Rights violation, it is indubitably a significant committee for the members of MUN community. This year’s topic is “Solving the issue of violating Human Rights within conversion therapies”. These therapies are based on activities which force LGBT individuals to align with heterosexual and cisgenger norms. The intensity of these therapies depends on the country policies of governments around the world. The issue of conversion therapies is a matter of politicians’ and human rights experts’ concern. From this follows that conversion therapy violates the prohibition against degrading treatment under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

We can ensure you that debates in the HRC will be full of opportunities to share your countries’ views regarding our topic. We, as the chairs would like highlight the importance of tolerance, kindness and freedom of expression. We cannot wait to see you in October during StetiMUN!

Your Chairs,

Antonina Basarab and Kamil Urbański