Chairs of Human Rights Council

Topic: Human rights implications of new and emerging technologies.

Dear prospective delegates, this year’s Human Rights Council will undertake the issue of Human rights implications of new and emerging technologies which is a prevailing issue worldwide. The issues of mass surveillance and violation of privacy are now significantly aggravated due to technological innovation. The digital disruption of Human rights is a new threat to society that requires the United Nations’ attention, especially with new technologies being the foundation of national security of countries such as the United States of America, China, members of the European Union and more. Automation may be both enriching for humanity but at the same time create mass unemployment and worsens inequality.
If you also wish to debate upon among others mass surveillance, artificial intelligence and the digital safety of our world - this committee is for YOU. Both experienced as well as first time delegates are warmly welcomed and encouraged to apply. Expect heated debates, academic disputes with other delegates and more fun except for the formal side of the debates.

Can’t wait to meet you all in Szczecin!
Sara Jabłońska & Tosia Basarab