Chairs of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Topic: Examining the Member States’ approach towards gun control and discussing its influence on crime rates.

Dear delegates,
it is our honour to propose you a topic on pressing issue that affects societies worldwide - “ Examining the Member States‘ approach towards gun control and discussing its influence on crime rates” in the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes Committee.

The UNODC works towards promoting security, justice, and health by assisting member states in developing effective strategies to counter these interconnected global challenges. By fostering international cooperation and collaboration, the UNODC aims to create a safer world, wherein countries can effectively respond to emerging threats and develop sustainable solutions to promote peace, security, and the well-being of their citizens.

Gun control refers to the regulation of firearms, including their purchase, possession, storage, and use, by governments and individuals with the aim of reducing gun-related violence and promoting public safety. The specific laws and regulations related to gun control can vary significantly between countries and regions, reflecting different cultural, political, and social contexts.

The studies shows that countries with stricter gun control laws tend to have lower homicide rates, especially related to firearms. The relationship between gun control and crime rates can vary based on several factors, including the effectiveness of the implemented policies, the cultural acceptance of firearms, socioeconomic factors, and the overall crime prevention strategies in place. By limiting access to firearms, particularly for individuals with a higher risk of committing acts of violence, gun control measures aim to create safer communities.

We invite each one of you to join us in the wonderful UNODC Committee, as we strive to moderate your debate about paving the way towards a future where responsible gun control policies are reasonable and respected!

We look forward and can’t wait to meet you all in our Committee!!

With love,
Chair Ula & Chair Marysia