Chairs of Economic and Social Council

Topic: Assessing the influence of economic sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation on the worldwide economy

The agenda of the Economic and Social Council of StetiMUN 2022 is assessing the influence of the economic sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation on the worldwide economy.

The lasting aggression of Russian Federation on Ukraine poses several threats to the United Nations, whether it is the usage of banned weapons, breaking of the human rights of the civilians or disrupting the worldwide safety and balance of the power. However, an equally important matter crucial to discuss, which concerns not only the invader and the victim countries, is the economic-social aspect of the war and how do measures undertaken to de-escalate it influence economies of the particular countries. Enormous inflation in Poland, peaking gas prices in Europe, food crisis in Sub-Saharan states, and tourist business breakdown in Sri Lanka are just a few examples of the consequences of the invasion, which greatly impact lives of the citizens. They also result in a dilemma – is there a way to counteract those effects and how? Is imposing such sanctions reasonable considering the cost paid by everyone? Are there other possible solutions to stop the war, less harmful to the economy? Answers to these questions shall be found in the Economic and Social Council. We cannot wait to have you in our committee! 

Chairs of the ECOSOC, 

Natasza Baumgart and Jakub Szajek