Chairs of Human Rights Council

Distinguished Delegates,

It is our utmost honour to welcome you in the StetiMUN's 2021 Human Rights Council!
The Human Rights Council is undoubtedly a significant committee since it enables the Delegates to discuss and propose a resolution to current issues regarding the violation of Human Rights worldwide. This year’s topic is "Tackling the issue of unlawful police actions during protests". Recently, mankind had to face social, political and economic problems for which it was completely unprepared. That is the reason for so many protests going on around the globe. All are different, but while thousand miles apart, often have many things in common that connect them. In terms of international law, the rights to freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression are recognised in various treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Together, these rights constitute the right to protest. However, in recent years breaking of these laws was highly visible in some of the UN countries, which must be clarified and regulated.
Therefore, Delegates, you will debate upon the following topic:

1. Tackling the issue of unlawful police actions during protests.

As a Delegate of a chosen country it is your task to familiarize yourself with the aforementioned topics in order to ensure fruitful and heated debates in the Council. We hope that debating upon such a significant issue surely will be fruitful, challenging, and especially educational for our delegates. In our committee we would like to emphasize the value of tolerance, kindness, and freedom of expression. We are looking forward to seeing you in October!

The Chairs of Human Rights Council,
Michał Adamczewski and Zofia Markiewicz