Chairs of Economic and Social Council

Distinguished Delegates,

It is a real honor to invite you to participate in the debates of Economic and Social Council during this year’s StetiMUN conference.

The Economic and Social Council tackles current matters concerning the economic and social well-being of countries in order to improve standards and conditions of living. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global health, social and economic crisis and our committee will tackle some of those problems from the global perspective allowing all of us to look for suitable solutions and policies to the most emerging issues. Global pandemic proved that fundamental aspects of dealing with international problems is increased cooperation, ability to have dialogue and hear each other's ideas. With this year’s theme of cooperation to an economic recovery we can take a look into growing rates of unemployment, increased economic inequalities and any disturbances in global trade to understand how countries affected by COVID-19 can rebuild their economic strength and resistance. Delegates will have the opportunity to find new policies and measures to implement in their countries, create sustainable recovery plans and discuss different perspectives on how to achieve the biggest social benefit possible in a current, very unstable situation.
As a Delegate of Economic and Social Council, you are obliged to prepare diligently for the debates and familiarise yourself with chosen Country’s policy on the following topic:

1. Response to the COVID 19 crisis: Ensuring a forceful multilateral response guided by international unity to decrease vulnerabilities for future disasters and to uphold the 2030 Agenda.

Should you require any information, please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook.
We are looking forward to seeing you on StetiMUN 2021.

The Chairs of the Economic and Social Council,
Julia Flejterska and Olga Jagiełłowicz