Honourable Delegates,
We are happy to welcome you to the World Health Organisation council at the fourth edition of Szczecin Model United Nations Conference.
WHO is an agency of the United Nations Organisation whose concern is international public health, which means that its main goals are to treat and prevent diseases, provide access to basic resources such as food, drinking water and medicines and monitor sanitary conditions in the World.

This year the conference is estimated to struggle with the problems of the Middle East area. The following topics will be discussed in our committee :
1.Drug abuse and trafficking in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran are the world’s leading producers and exporters of the opium drug and its relatives. Although that are Afghanistan and Pakistan where most production takes place, Iran is the main transporting route to other countries, mostly European. What is more a huge number of people in those countries are heavy drug abusers and require specialist help.
2.Medical and sanitary aid for civilians affected by military conflicts in Middle east

A great number of civilians are touched by the military activities in Middle Eastern areas, such as Afghanistan, Syria or Gaza Strip. Basic medical and sanitary supplies must be provided for them together with long-run actions which must be undertaken to provide self-sufficiency of those countries in the future.

We hope that our debates and the conference as a whole will be a truly enchanting and enriching experience for all of you, Delegates.


Please note that as a delegate you are to speak from the standpoint of the country you represent although it may differ from your own point of view. Each participant of StetiMUN 2013 WHO Committee debates should prepare a policy statement on both of our topics as well as  resolution on one of the topics in which you propose a solution of the problem in the form of a list of points. Please note that the resolution must be coherent with your country’s policy.

The resolution has passed, clapping is in order!

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