Press Team of elMUNdo

Another year, another conference. New Chairs, new members of the Secretariat. There is also one more part of the puzzle.

Some may say it is less important, too serious or maybe too gossipy. This dilemma shall remain a mystery forever, but we can grant you one thing for sure. These people are hardworking, passionate, witty and an inherent part of StetiMUN. We are talking about the marvellous Press Team, and we are truly delighted to say that we are this year's Heads of Press. This time also new, but we can promise you, the best ones yet.
Because we have never been the Heads of Press before we cannot say a lot about this job. However, having been a journalist a couple times, we can assure you that even though it is wonderful to argue and debate during StetiMUN, it is an equally remarkable experience to be sitting on the balcony of our school hall and watching over the General Assembly from up above. Observing the distinguished Delegates and honourable Chairs eating their hearts out over the most important issues worldwide. It is us, who notice the smallest, imperceptible details. It is us, who capture the unforgettable moments of the Conference and it is also us, who put the inexpressible incidents down into writing.
It may sound like we are magicians and well, maybe partially we are. But one thing is for sure - without our wonderful Press Team, StetiMUN wouldn’t be the same. We cannot be more proud to be this year’s Heads of Press. It is such an honour for all of us in the Press Team to be a part of the wonderful conference that StetiMUN 2019 is, especially considering the fact that last year’s edition was given the title of The Best Small Conference of 2018.

Heads of the Press team,
Karolina Białczewska
Mateusz Chrościelewski