Distinguished Delegates!

As the Chairs of the UN Counterterrorism Committee we are honoured to welcome all of you, dear Delegates, at the Stetimun 2017 Conference. Especially we would like to greet people, who will join us and work in the UN Counterterrorism Committee.

Since the whole world faces the deadly threat of terrorism, the UN Counterterrorism Committee task is to uphold the peace and stability in the whole world and stand up to this threat.  This task cannot be done without you, dear Delegates, who will work together to find reasonable solutions, by which this global problem can be solved and the global peace and stability can be maintained.

During Stetimun 2017, the UN Counterterrorism Committee decided to work upon topics:

  1. Gun restrictions for civilian people as a way to stop the acts of terrorism and weaponized assaults.
  2. Migration crisis: ways of controlling the flow of refugees and illegal immigrants as a measurement to prevent the spread of terrorism and terrorists across the Europe.

We do hope, that the debates will be fruitful. As the Chairs, we will do our best to ensure the right flow of the debates. We are also looking forward to your cooperation not only in the UN Counterterrorism Committee, but also with other committees, because only together we can save the world. We believe, that working in the UN Counterterrorism Committee will be a good experience and will increase your awareness of global problems that touch each and every one of us.

Our advise to you, dear Delegates, is to familiarize yourself with the topics given and the policy of your country towards these topics. With proper knowledge, the debates will be truly interesting and heated.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us via email:

Jakub Laskowski jakublaskowski000@gmail.com
Kacper Paszyński kacprak@op.pl

Chairs of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee
Jakub Laskowski and Kacper Paszyński