Honourable Delegates!

As the chairs of the ICC we would like to cordially welcome all the delegates, but especially those participants, who will be taking part in the trials conducted by the ICC.

During StetiMUN2017 we hope to stand up united, against any injustice and face up to the topic of  this year’s conference – “United for the benefit of the World equity and peace”.

This year, we would like to focus on the case of Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. King Salman of Saudi Arabia is going to be prosecuted on the charges of breaking the law of the Rome Statute.

In 2015, a military intervention by Saudi Arabia, leading a coalition of nine African and Middle East countries was launched to influence the outcome of the Yemeni Civil War. This resulted in exacerbation of conflict and destabilization of the political situation in Middle East.

During this conference we would like to review this case, having listened to the testimonies of both sides, resulting in a fair and unbiased verdict.

We hope that the deliberation will turn out fruitful and enriching for every participant. It will be an unforgettable experience both for you, and us. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that the ICC Committee works on different rules of procedures than other committees and has nothing to do with the country’s policies you are representing during StetiMUN 2016.

Should there arise any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

The President of the International Criminal Court, Alicja Černohorská

The Head of Jury, Katarzyna Kruk

Head of the Jury
Katarzyna Kruk
President of the International Criminal Court
Alicja Černohorská