Dear Visitors and Future Delegates!

We are happy to inform you that preparations to the StetiMUN 2015 conference have now entered the most pivotal phase! We are well underway with both the organization, as the chairs of all committees are working hard on their guides and registration process, as we have already gathered over half of all delegates, who will participate in this year’s conference.

It is important to mention that the Women Empowerment committee is already full, as it has gathered all 28 delegates and thus will now be unavailable as a choice in the registration.

However all the other committees are still open and awaiting their passionate delegates! Please do register as soon as possible if you are interested, as the places are disappearing exceptionally quickly this year.

We remind that the registration closes on the 31st of October and therefore both the registering and the payment of the participation fee must happen before this deadline.

We cannot wait to see you soon and engage in the great experience the is an MUN conference!

Hope to see you all in November,

MUN Organizers